Will Shortz, the legendary puzzle creator, may one day be responsible for defending our brains against the ravages of aging. When time begins to take its toll on the brain, spending extended time with a crossword or number-based puzzle can keep memory sharp. Anne Corbett, a senior lecturer in dementia research at the University of Exeter, has worked on two studies that point to the anti-aging power of word-based puzzles like crosswords and number-based puzzles. She used data from the UK-wide PROTECT study in both studies. People who did word- or number-based puzzles had better scores on tests measuring 14 different types of cognitive function. She and her team reported their findings in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. The studies show that older adults who pick up a puzzle tend to have a shorter-term memory capacity than younger adults. "We hope this will encourage people to consider how they challenge their brain on a regular basis, and perhaps consider taking

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles are fun to solve. If you learn new things, you will realize how knowledgeable you are. In this enjoyable activity, sometimes there may be crossword questions that you do not know. In such a case, you should prefer There are solutions for all crossword questions.

Hand Grenade Crossword Clue

The hand grenade is one of the military's most extensively utilized and efficient weapons. If you've come across the crossword clue hand grenade, we've got some answers for you. You can give one of the replies if they ask you which slang phrase is expressed in hand grenade. Hand Grenade Crossword Clue has two possible answers, one with four letters and the other with ten. The fruit pineapple can be used as a Hand Grenade Crossword solution. The bomb's shape is supposed to mimic that of a pineapple. The Hand Grenade is possibly the most dangerous weapon in the arsenal. In combat, pulling the pin on it and throwing it at the enemy can be difficult. 10 letter crossword clue: Hand Grenade This answer can also be used in the Hand Grenade daily crossword puzzle. Crossword Wiki Crossword Podcast Python Crossword Generator